Congratulations on booking your wine club! Below you will find where to enter your payment. Check out the fun upgrades to elevate your club!

Wine Club Member


Tasting Menu
5 course small plates

Wine Tasting
Guided flavor and aroma tasting kit

Personalized Menus
Menu changes seasonally

Table settings, wine glasses, dishes, and floral

Gift Bag
With wine tasting tips and tricks

Wine Recommendation List
Wine is not included or provided

Wine Club Member



3 non-alcoholic pairings


By purchasing a Wine Club you understand that The Cook’s Bookmark, LLC does not provide, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages. The Cook’s Bookmark, LLC, its owners, operators, employees, agents, or affiliates are not responsible or liable for any damages that result from the consumption of alcohol including, but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, or death.

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