Wine Pairing with VINEBOX

3 Steps to Wine Pairing

  1. Start with the lightest bodied wine and end with the fullest.
  2. You want the wine and food to compliment each other. The wine should not overpower the food and vice versa.
  3. The wine should be more acidic and sweeter than the food pairing.


Vinebox is my favorite way to try new wines every season. Every box comes with nine tastings including a flavor and origin guide that makes you feel like you are in the vineyard yourself.

VINEBOX sent two beautiful vintages of Bordeaux and one fantastic Barbera. I always pair steak frites with a Bordeaux – there is no better pair! I picked up a nice charcuterie and Roquefort for the Barbera to start the meal.

Pairing with Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a region in France that produces a wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Bordeaux is a full bodied red wine with high tannin.

Steak Frites with a simple salt and fresh ground pepper rub is the best pairing in my opinion. It meets the boldness of the wine without overpowering it.

Toss the fries with fresh herbs to bring out the flavor of the Bordeaux.

Pairing with Barbera

Barbera is wine produced in Piedmont, Italy. It has a very polished finish and pairs well with a charcuterie board and herbaceous cheeses.

Barbera is a medium bodied wine with low tannins. Think charcuterie when pairing with a barbera.

Blue Cheese is a great option to match the profile of the wine. I used Roquefort.

A simple dried sausage compliments this medium bodied wine. I used Napoli sausage.

Bon Appétit!