Hibachi-Style Chicken with Magic Mustard Sauce from the Defined Dish

I spent all my birthdays growing up at Osaka, my favorite hibachi restaurant in Tulsa. My favorite part was obviously the flaming volcano but second to that was the mustard sauce they served. This magic mustard sauce tastes even better and it is so addicting! This was the first recipe I cooked from the Defined Dish cookbook and it got me hooked! Alex does a great job adding a healthier twist to the hibachi food I grew up loving. Scroll below review to see the recipe on the Defined Dish website!


  • I add 1/2 teaspoon more mustard powder to the sauce, adds a little bit more spice.
  • Make sure to use fresh ginger, it adds so much more flavor!
  • I’ve made this with shrimp before and it was perfect with the sauce. Add a little butter and cilantro to the shrimp while cooking!
  • I like to serve this with steamed white rice.
  • Add any vegetables you are craving, the sauce is great with anything in my opinion! I often make this with bean sprouts.
  • I always make two more servings of veggies and save for leftovers. It is almost better the next day!

TASTE: The magic mustard sauce is what dreams are made of.

TIME: From start to finish it is about 30 minutes.

TROUBLE: Little to no trouble!

Bon Appétit!