A Summer Ploughman’s Lunch

The perfect summertime meal in my opinion. Here is my take on how to construct a simple ploughman’s lunch. Typically it consists of cold ham, cheese, bread, and pickled vegetables. It’s been so hot in Tulsa that I have been craving anything fresh and cold. Instead of ham I used tri tip that we grilled the day before and it paired perfectly with the sharp English cheddar. Kerrygold sells a great aged cheddar and you can find it in almost every grocery store.

Let’s talk about butter. Why does real butter have such a bad rep? Moderation is key but a ploughman’s lunch is not complete without REAL butter. To stick with the English pub theme, I used Kerrygold real Irish butter (unsalted) and sprinkled pink himalayan salt on top.

The key to a perfect ploughman’s lunch is picking good quality items to place on your board. It is like any good cheese tray, pick what you love and you can’t go wrong. And of course to stay with the pub theme, pair your board with a light crisp beer!