Stray & Hay with Gorgonzola by Ina Garten

This is my go to recipe to make when I am having family over.  Everyone is always going back for seconds.  This Stray & Hay with Gorgonzola by Ina Garten is the perfect comfort food for weekly family dinners.

I became overly obsessed with Ina Garten’s cooking show Barefoot Contessa in 2013.  I think I went through every episode within two months. I had a TV in my kitchen at the time and I would just have it playing on repeat while I was cooking.  If you want to get into cooking and don’t know where to start, watching Barefoot Contessa is the easiest way to learn more about simple cooking techniques and basic recipes.  This was my first recipe to try from Ina and it is still one of my favorites today. I’ve made it for family dinner parties, date nights, and even casual weeknights.

This stray and hay recipe is modern take on carbonara and I seriously can’t get enough of it! I adore this recipe because of the thicker noodles and unique sauce. The sauce has the perfect amount of salt from the gorgonzola and prosciutto but be careful… it can be very addicting!  Also, sign me up for any white sauce that doesn’t require a roux! It is so simple!

If you don’t like Gorgonzola cheese, I’ve had a lot of success with goat cheese as well.  If you aren’t a prosciutto fan then you can substitute bacon and we all know bacon has never hurt a recipe.  But the gorgonzola and prosciutto give the dish a unique and unbelievable taste.


TASTE: Ultimate comfort food!

TIME: Total time is approx. 40 minutes

TROUBLE: Very simple, love how the sauce doesn’t require much effort!


Bon Appétit,