Classic Creamy Hummus by The Modern Proper

I have tried several hummus recipes and The Modern Proper’s Classic Creamy Hummus is by far one of my favorites!  The classic take on it is beyond perfect.  Why buy hummus at the store when this recipe takes just a few minutes and tastes so fresh?


The Modern Proper does it right, the Classic Creamy Hummus is absolutely perfect! It is incredibly simple to make, and took me no time at all.  This is great for when you are hosting a big crowd, just serve it with your favorite crudité and you are done.  The extra lemon zest gives it the perfect tang but doesn’t overpower.  I like to serve it with a drizzle of GOOD olive oil, lots of paprika, crudité, and warm naan bread. 


  • Hummus is all about the toppings in my opinion.  I love the paprika and parsley but feel free to go crazy here.  Toasted pine nuts would be a great addition!
  • If you are making this hummus for a meal prep – add extra olive oil on the top to keep it from hardening.

  • TASTE: Incredible! It is creamy with just the right amount of lemon!
  • TIME: Took me less than 10 minutes to whip up this delicous hummus!
  • TROUBLE: Little to no trouble!

Whether you are throwing a party, needing a fresh and healthy snack, or making meal preps for the week this Classic Creamy Hummus is exactly what you need to try!

Click Here for Classic Creamy Hummus by The Modern Proper

Bon Appetit!