5 Ingredient Beer Bread by Half Baked Harvest

I love all of Half Baked Harvest’s recipes but this is one of my favorites! Tieghan Gerard’s blog has unique recipes and new dishes to try weekly!

This 5 Ingredient Beer Bread shouldn’t even be able to be called homemade bread because it is incredibly easy.  I was shocked with how little prep time this took me the first time I made it and the fact that it only has 5 ingredients seems too good to be true! Seriously it takes me less than 10 minutes before it’s already in the oven and I’m sitting with my daughter enjoying my cup of coffee and the smell of homemade bread.  I have made homemade baguettes before and it is a process.  You basically have to plan to stay home all day if you want to make homemade bread. This bread is a different story!

The salted butter is key here, It gives the bread the most amazing flavor.  Make sure to use a beer you enjoy drinking, this is not the time to get rid of the beer that has been in the back of your fridge.  Whatever beer you choose will add flavor to the bread. 


I have made this bread with pumkin beer, chocolate beer, and fat tire and loved all three!  Each had a different flavor and color depending on how dark the beer was. Tieghan recommends a lighter beer.

Depending on the size of your loaf pan it’s a good idea to put a cookie sheet under the loaf to catch any melted butter.

This bread is best to eat it the day of, which is never a problem in my house.

This is the perfect gift to hand out to your coworkers and friends and they will be so impressed!  They don’t have to know how little time it actually took you right? I like to make a couple batches at once, with one bigger loaf pan for myself and smaller loaf pans to give to family and friends.


  • TASTE: Amazing! Especially served with salted butter and jam.
  • TIME: 5 minute prep time and 50 minutes in the oven…. let me repeat 5 minute prep time! I can not express enough how little prep time this is for homemade bread!
  • TROUBLE: Little to no trouble! Easy and stressfree!

I hope you go home and make this delicious 5 Ingredient Beer Bread from Half Baked Harvest. You probably already have all the ingredients anyway!

Click Here for 5 Ingredient Beer Bread by Half Baked Harvest

Bon Appetit!


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